Opening of the new Website
Oyuncu - ILost

What's up everyone,


We are proud to present to you the new website we have worked hard to create. It took us some time but after lots of hard work we finished it, on the new website you will find new things such as:


  • Leaderboards - All game leaderboards will now become viewable on the website.
  • Credits - This is a currency you can buy to help with gifting ranks and other items.
  • Tickets - The discord system has proven to be inefficient and will be moved to the website to avoid clutter.
  • Suggestions - Had lots of spam in discord and will be moved to the website so people without discord can use it.
  • Discord Integration - Link your discord account to your forum account and enjoy benefits.
  • Applications - Made easy applications for positions such as moderator, no longer on the forums.


Those are some of the new features added to the website but we have also upgraded our old features like the store and the forum to be easier to use.

We are really excited for you to explore these features and if you come up with any good ideas we would love to see them in the suggestions under help.


I hope all of you have a wonderful day and I want to thank you for reading!

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