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N_0a Member
Registered:26 days ago
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Yall gotta calm down bro. Its a weekend, I dont think people work on a weekend but I believe badmin is trying his best to fix the server. SO instead of blaming people just be patient

The End of Arch 22 days ago

Calm down, I believe he is trying his best to fix the server so the best we can do is be patient and not spread hate. He did inform us that it would take a day or 2 to fix so be patient

Wth is Badministator doing why isnt he fixing this?? 22 days ago

The server is experiencing some technical issues, just calm down and wait for a while

Why? 23 days ago

Ok the servers are all down. Hopefully admins or Badmin will fix the servers

How to play even if server is "down" 23 days ago

Use /survival cmd

It directs you to survival server like how /hub directs you to the server hub. The server hub rn is down but the other servers should be running fine

Does not work anymore

How to play even if server is "down" 23 days ago