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samgolio about 1 month ago
i got banned i i did a ban appeal i dint hack i just used resent client for kitpvp eagler.
GrimReaper about 1 month ago
nine volt has an cmd or cmd block running that makes him 1tap everyone and some weapons with custom descriptions that prob come from a mod? I thin thedeyeetor gave them to him u should remove them
OsamaBin about 1 month ago
Ok my username is OsamaBin I got banned because I was playing with my friend then a mid accused him of cheating when he was not I could see his screen I defended him and then the mod banned both of us for cheating which we never did I have 6days left for van please unban me
OsamaBin about 1 month ago
I can’t upload a picture it says blacklisted notifications
OsamaBin about 1 month ago
I can’t upload a picture it says blacklisted notifications
OsamaBin about 1 month ago
Is there something wrong with these mods do they actually check or just ban people cause they are gods in PvP
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Could u tell us the new economy system so that we can have a clear view of what it is 

We're reworking the Auction House, Trading System and server shop. Selling things will also be easier and will be as easy as /sell hand, since you can sell entire inventories at a time. We may or may not add a physical shop too, not sure.

You should make Player shops

Player shops are already a thing they won't be in bases though in the new auction house everyone will be able to filter to someone's store and show every item they are selling

Current progress with the server revamp (9/21/23) 9 days ago

is the server 1.16


Eaglercraft is back (link in post) 10 days ago

I would like to announce that https://eaglercraft.ru has returned on the new domain of https://eaglercraft.com both of the domains lead to the same page and we hope you enjoy this!

Eaglercraft is back (link in post) 12 days ago

I most likely think that you can see whatever is in my inventory and enderchest, in the new server could you please give me everything i had pls

No, everything is gone every bit of data, the world, end, all inventories, all enderchests everything is gone

Questions for Badmin (Could you please reply?) 12 days ago

Yes, all data is gone due to harddrive corruption so you will have to start from scratch we will keep everyone posted in the discord about our progress.

Questions for Badmin (Could you please reply?) 13 days ago