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Badministrator Admin
Kaace 16 days ago
Yo badmin, just checking when my mod application will be checked
Herobrine303 19 days ago
Hello badmin. I just am wondering if how do I become an admin to help around the server as well? Because I would love to help. My user is the same user as my account for this web
Herobrine303 19 days ago
And I am good at following rules so I promise I will not cause any trouble and will only kick or ban if people repeatedly wont follow the server rules. I am trustworthy. And if I break rules I will never join the server again and you can ban me. Promise I will listen and follow every rule you give to me.
Herobrine303 19 days ago
Server is down for maintenance and will probably not be up for a couple of hours! try again later!
iosonoio2013 22 days ago
io non riesco ad accedere a nessun server
Herobrine303 19 days ago
If you were banned or kicked for spamming its an issue a lot of people are having
allamjna 28 days ago
hola como estan como puedo entrar cuando lo copio y voy ala pajina me dise error 404
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We are currently working on a new GTA-like gamemode on ArchMC. This video just shows a brief preview of some of the guns you'll find. GTA will have a custom texture pack and will work perfectly fine on Eaglercraft.

ArchMC: GTA Guns 11 hours ago

No ranks aren't reset since we have the logs for them in our website.

EVEN OUR RANK IS RESET? 22 hours ago

Everything is reset.

Question 5 days ago

I hope you know that no servers are working. We are rebuilding the entire server from the ground up

Prison 5 days ago

yeah that was me

is this u badmin 6 days ago